Our History


Amos and Nancy Means Meeks arrive in “Munseytown” after a 16-day trip by horse-drawn wagons from what is now northern West Virginia. Robert Meeks, the oldest son, came to Muncie and began work as an apprentice with pioneer cabinet makers, who often doubled as undertakers. He and his brother, Isaac, later went into business under […]


Known for their honesty and fairness, “Uncle Robert” and “Uncle Isaac” were awarded a silver cup at the county fair.


James Meeks, the oldest son of Robert, partners with his father and uncle under the name R. & I. Meeks and Company. Martin and Will, also sons of Robert, join the firm in 1880.


Fire destroys the original Meeks building, which was located on the current-day “Boyce Block” in downtown Muncie. The Meeks family relocates its furniture and sales offices to 115-117 East Main Street. Robert’s fourth son, Jacob, becomes a bookkeeper for James Boyce, and in association with Boyce, starts a handle factory and rivet company.


According to courthouse records, the Meeks firm was paid $10 to handle a funeral for “Indian Jim,” the last of Delaware County’s original settlers.


Isaac Meeks dies.


Robert suffers a broken hip that leaves him an invalid until his death in 1906. The Muncie Daily News calls him “one of Muncie’s most respected citizens.”


The Meeks Mortuary’s present-day facility, one of the first buildings specifically designed as a mortuary opens its doors.


The Meeks firm is 100 years old.


Charles Meeks dies.


Arthur Meeks dies.


Ernest Meeks, the last of his generation in the business, dies. David Martin Meeks, Arthur’s son, has already joined the firm. He places an emphasis on developing a staff that perpetuates a concern for affordable quality and attention to detail in every funeral service.


The Meeks Mortuary, circa 1983.


Gordon Cox becomes Manager of Operations, taking over the position from David Meeks, Sr.


Gordon Cox becomes president of Meeks Mortuary, following the death of David M. Meeks, Sr.


The Meeks Mortuary turns 150 years old.


Added a new concept casket, vault, urn, and funeral merchandise selection room; the first of its kind in this area.


Updated the entire mortuary with new décor throughout the funeral home, including padding the pews in our permanent chapel.


Opened first ever branch location; Mt. Pleasant Chapel in the Yorktown area.


Purchased new automotive equipment, including a Cadillac Funeral Coach and a Family Limousine.


Updated visitation room with new décor.


Memorial Garden 2

On the anniversary of the firm’s 170th year in service, The Meeks Mortuary dedicated a memorial garden that sits next to the Washington Street Chapel, to the families, military and first responders served.


David A. Cox, son of Gordon D. Cox, takes over as the firms president.