Why Pay More?

Here’s Why.

Did you know that The Meeks Mortuary and Crematory has been locally owned and operated since 1844? Did you know we own and operate Delaware County’s only crematory? Other mortuaries and cemeteries are owned by large corporations located in Indianapolis, Pennsylvania and places other than Muncie. Did you know our staff consists of employees who have been with our firm for over thirty years? Other mortuaries and cemeteries have staffs that change daily. We don’t employee sales people. We employ funeral directors who are trained in funeral service customization and are professionals at catering to each family’s individual needs and wants. Other mortuaries and cemeteries in Muncie employ a staff that consists mostly of commission based sales people. This means the more they sell the more they make. Don’t be misled by discounts, deals, or bargains. Make the choice families in Muncie have made for nine generations.

Sensitivity….Compassion….and Respect