Why Plan Ahead?



Pre-need has been called “a sincere act of love”. When death occurs, family should be in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the love and support of family and friends, not at a funeral home making difficult decisions. Preplanning can help ease an emotional burden from loved ones.

Determine for yourself how you want to be remembered. Often when a loved one dies, families emotionally overspend making arrangements. By having a plan in place, you assure them, this is exactly what you wanted.

Preplanning with prefunding makes financial sense. By prepaying, you lock in today’s prices. Save a significant amount of money by avoiding the constantly increasing prices of funeral goods and services.

All of our funeral directors are able to guide you through the preplanning process and secure your final wishes. Call 765-288-6669 today to schedule an appointment with Monica Winkler, our Preplanning Specialist. At The Meeks Mortuary, the process is seamless.