Condolences for Gertrude Eileen Dunkerley Keener

Judy Raney posted on 4/6/19

Mrs Keener was a true pioneer in women’s athletics. I had the privilege of being a coach at BSU while she was Women’s Athletic Director. I learned so much from her about integrity, credibility and the value of women in sports. I am richer from having worked with her. She was an exceptional role model. My heartfelt condolences to her remaining family.


Sheila K. Decaroli posted on 2/6/19

I wish to extend my condolences to Dr. Carl Keener and his family. Mu late husband, Joe Decaroli, always valued working with Carl and knowing Eileen. I wish the family God's grace and comfort during this time and in the weeks to come.


Kathy Nalley-Schembra '72 & M '76 posted on 2/5/19

I was a student of Mrs. Keener in the 1970s. She was an excellent teacher and field hockey coach. She was absolutely passionate about her role as teacher and coach. I learned many lessons from her as a student. Her methods classes were challenging but very applicable to teaching. She would always ask why you did a particular skill or use a particular method. When you answered her, she would reply..."so there is a method behind your madness." She was truly an "educator" in every phase of the word. I feel privileged to have called her teacher. May her soul rest in peace.


Edward Alexander posted on 2/4/19

Dear Dr. Keener, Ingrid, Lisa and families. My brother Tom joins me in offering condolence in the passing of dear Eileen. Peace.


Karol Krohn posted on 2/3/19

Dear Lisa: I didn't realize your mom had been such a leader in building women's sports & athletics programs at Ball State during a pivotol time in our country's recognition of the value & equity of expanding athletic opportunities for women at the college level. You must have been so proud to see her leading women in such a meaningful way, both on & beyond athletic fields. I loved reading that the many students whose lives she enriched stayed in touch with her for so many years. That's one of the clearest measures of the lasting impact one has had on the lives of others. And how wonderful that her many contributions to women's sports at BSU were recognized & celebrated by the university shortly after her retirement. I know what a good person your mother was, because I know the values she & your father instilled in you. How wonderful that you & Bill were able to raise Evan within easy visiting distance of Muncie. The words "beloved grandson" seem so inadequate, when I think of how much your parents have both loved Evan, how much joy he brought to their retirement years & how much hope he gave them for not only their future, but for future times that only the next generation will shape & experience. What a solid foothold your mother left for you & also for Evan. There's nothing as strong & empowering as an excellent parent's love during those formative years - an example I know you carried forward while raising Evan - & how fulfilling that must have been for your mother to witness throughout her retirement years! May the happy, love-filled, comforting memories you have of your mother soon eclipse the sorrow you've felt watching her slip away. Her love will always be with you -- as will my friendship!