Condolences for Denny Ray Bowers

Fred Bowers posted on 3/22/19

Denny - We've always been close.. Between the two of us, we could always find an adventure, even if we never left our room.. Our bedroom on Tompkins St. was yours and my Fortress Of Solitude, our safe haven.. We had everything we needed - music, beds and plenty of time with each other.. I remember you coming to my rock band's rehearsals.. Everyone loved you.. And for good reason.. Denny - You know how much I love you.. I miss you so bad Denny.. I hope you can somehow read these words.. I will never be over this.. Our relationship was very precious to me.. I know it was to you too.. I'm so happy you spent 4th of July week 2018 at the house.. Who knew..? God.. Right now I'm just angry.. Not at you or especially God.. I just feel cheated.. I'm sorry I wasn't there.. I'm your big brother, I was supposed to protect you.. You will never be far from my thoughts, memory and heart.. I hate this so much.. I love you Den.. You were my go to man on any problems that would occur.. And now you're gone.. Who's gonna be my Rock of Gibraltar.. ? Keep'em laughing Denno. Now you don't have to worry about missing any basketball games.. LOL.. I love you Den, with every fiber of my being.. And now I can't dog you about turning 50... Like you did me.. .. Today especially, it's starting to hit home.. The loss of you is worse than anything I've had to face.. I need you Bud.. But you just had to be 1st.. LOL.. I love you Man.. Send me a pretty angel.. And try to behave yourself... LOL.. Dig you Man.. Thanks for always being in my corner.. It didn't go unnoticed.. Bye for now - Your BBF (Big Brother Forever..)..


Valerie Stevens posted on 2/15/19

What do I remember about Denny the most is his infectious laugh, him snickering to funny jokes. I remember when he was young and spent many nights at our house with my brother Paul Eric, hearing both of them just laughing the night away...and enjoying each others company. He never let his blindness define him, he was a strong willed person and he went thru life like you or I. He was very loved by his family and friends and they will miss him terribly. My brother has passed as well and I can just hear them busting out with laughter and both being healed in God's presence. Life will never be the same without them both. We must go on, but our heart's will always be broken. Love you Denny and I wish I had spent more time with you these past years. God bless you and the family that is missing you. Until we meet again...♥


Tracy Harlan (Younger sister) posted on 2/12/19

My heart hurts and I’ll never get over you leaving us so soon. I miss you terribly.


[email protected] posted on 2/7/19

During my time at the Indiana School for the Blind I remember Denny he seemed like he was a pretty decent guy I'm glad I knew him way back when my prayers are to the family and the rest of our friends from the Indiana School for the Blind may he rest in Eternal peace he will never be forgotten


Dr. Ron Ross posted on 2/7/19

Bridget and Rachel, I was totally shocked, this morning, as I read the obituary for Denny. My mind was drawn back to Halteman Village Baptist Church, and God's leading you all to join in weekly fellowship. I remembered the opportunity of serving you all with rides for medical purposes, banking, the pharmacy, groceries and the like. I remember how Denny would often go with me to visit those in nursing homes. He was such a joy to those who seldom had visits, and it seemed he was blessed through such actions. Since leaving the church in 2008, I had lost touch with so many, and thus the hearing of his death brought deep sorrow to me. You are loved by God and by so many others, including myself.