Condolences for Mark A. Carter

Bill Taylor posted on 5/27/19

Like many of Ball State students with a social life, Carter's was a nightly ritual. The referee with the banana with always be down for a triple chili with cheese. Good vibes for your family.


TAMMY MORRIS posted on 5/20/19

Mark made such an impression with all of our AMA members working our summer events. He will be dearly missed by us all... RIP


John Lane posted on 5/18/19

I was really saddened to hear Mark had died. I have great memories with him playing and practicing, (and goofing around mostly of course) for Ned the T...Tz. A good man by all accounts.


Brent Ruble posted on 5/18/19

Phil and Tim, we are all so sorry to hear about Mark. Though I did not know him well, I wish I had. On behalf of all the Rubles, prayers and sympathy.


Bruce Munson posted on 5/16/19

"Any day's a good day when you're selling processed meat to the masses." Observations like that are just one of the reasons Mark Carter will be missed. His family and friends are in my prayers.


Jerry Parsons posted on 5/16/19

Tim, Phil and Suzanne I am so sorry I could not be there for you tonight or tomorrow for Mark’s services as I could not get out of work on short notice. Growing up in Royerton as next door neighbors Mark was like a big brother. A lot of my childhood memories are of all four of you. We did everything together and there was always something going on from marathon porch swing attempt at Guinness Book of World Records, endless games of basketball, wiffle ball in the garage, motion picture production and so many more great adventures. Pub and N.A.T.T., what else can you say! I will also remember all of his help to my parents at our IGA in Royerton and the Royerton Arcade. His countless hours playing Frogger. Whenever I would catch up with him later in life he would always remember how our mom would yell for us to come home when we were at your home “Jerry Michael, Jack Allen, Jill Ellen...” While all of my adult life after graduating from Ball State has been away from Muncie I was always reminded of how fortunate I was to have you as friends and neighbors whenever I came home and looked across the street at your home. I am so sorry for your loss and will keep you in my prayers


Jim Haught posted on 5/16/19

Loved The Hot Dog Man! Miss him dearly. He was so good and kind to all.


Kerry Scrub Lane posted on 5/15/19

Tim and Phil So sorry to hear about Mark. He definitely put a smile on everyones face and that's what I will remember him by. I wish I got to meet the Hot Dog Man but I know him as Pub, member of N.A.T.T . John had a ton of respect for him as a musician and friend. A great man from a great family


Robert Allen posted on 5/15/19

Mark was not just a friend, but was part of our family when we grew up in Muncie/Royerton. Mark (Pub) helped run the Allen's Country Market in Royerton and was the heartbeat of the store in the early '80s. He was not only considered part of our family, but he was a beloved baseball coach, father, friend, brother, uncle and later known to be "The Hot Dog Man". Such a blessing that he was part of our lives and he will be forever missed. Mark left many great memories that will last us a lifetime. Many thoughts and prayers are with the family. God Bless!!!!


Beth Barefoot posted on 5/15/19

Molly and sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. He will be missed by so many.


Nick Young posted on 5/15/19

Rest in peace, to my good friend.


Jana Embree posted on 5/15/19

So sad to hear of Marks passing....I'm thinking of all of you that he is leaving behind.


Dan Hutcheson posted on 5/14/19

Kathy I'm sorry you and your family have lost Mark. He was such a gentel man. I very much enjoyed his Hot Dogs and doing business with him. Best wishes, Dan Hutcheson


Jennifer Prado posted on 5/14/19

To the family and friends of Mark "hot dog man" Carter: you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing Mark with the Ball State community. Carter made a huge impact on many BSU alums including myself. I will forever be grateful for knowing him. His work ethic was inspiring and his fun-loving nature while we waited so patiently for his famous hot dogs got us through so many late nights as students. May he rest in peace.


Lindsey Bard posted on 5/14/19

Dear Carter family, I’m so very sad for your loss. A life that touched so many, many people in the most positive way. Mark was an amazing person who always had a smile, and time for the person in front of him. He knew me from my BSU days when I had a regular order, and years later when I’d moved overseas and came back only once a year or less he still knew me and was genuinely interested in my doings and life. I’ve never met a person who lived so much in the moment of here and now and was actively engaged with each person he came in contact with. Having met some of the family over the years I know you all must be feeling his loss tremendously, and I hope you can temper that pain with the good memories of his life and the joy he brought to so many. He was and will remain a treasure. Much love. Lindsey Bard (two plain, ketchup only)


Jeff Malloy posted on 5/14/19

Dear Carter Family, Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with Cardinal Nation. When my parents dropped me off at my dorm in August of 1999 I did not know a soul on campus. The first week of classes my RA took me to Carters (Nearly) World Famous Hot Dog Shop in what is now a Jimmy Johns. It was a Tuesday and the special was $2.75 for a footlong hot dog, bag of chips and a large drink. I was hooked and until he left the shop to be back amongst the people on his sidewalk location I was there every Tuesday and on the weekends. Everyone is posting about his chili cheese dog, which was incredible, but I have a soft spot for the Founder Dog; coleslaw, bacon and bbq. The shop became a home away from home for me and as I made friends, one of the first things I did was take them to Carters. In fact one of the earliest outings with my wife was taking our respective floors (we were RAs) to Carters. Carter became family and I was lucky enough to get to know his son David as we both were communication majors. When I graduated and my family asked if I wanted a party, I said yes, but I wanted Mark to cater it. He graciously accepted my request and set up his cart in the lounge in Mysch/Hurst residence hall and brought back the Founders Dog for a limited engagement. A highlight of returning to campus was always seeing Mark in the Alumni Center after games, or sticking around long enough to enjoy a dog in the Village before departing. I remember seeing him shortly after my graduation party the following fall in which he said, "Once your parents check cleared, I vowed to never forget your name." Mark, I will never forget you, your dry sense of humor, and the kindness you bestowed on students who weren't always at their best. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


Stacey Nance posted on 5/14/19

Kathy and Family, I just heard the news and I am so very sorry. My prayers of love and comfort are being said for you all! Mark was a great guy and I am blessed to have known him at Ball State as well as Carter's Hot Dogs in the Muncie Mall! Much love to you all!


Brian Van Daele posted on 5/14/19

As one of his hundreds, if not thousands of customers over the years I doubt Mark would remember me. But I sure remember him. I ended many late nights at his cart in the village, and always appreciated his consistency and good humor. God bless.


Matzine posted on 5/14/19

Very saddened for the passing of Mr. Carter, he was a incredible guy who was loved by many. I have wonderful memories of my days at Ball State University and happy to say he’s part of those memories. Hard working man, rain or shine, he was out there doing his thing and never complaining about it. May you rest in peace sir and thank you.


John W. Martin posted on 5/14/19

I will always remember Mark as the man that was fun to talk to and would always remember a regular's order amongst the huge number of dogs he would serve to people each night. He was a huge part of BSU when I was there and I will always remember him with amazing thoughts and a now unquenchable hunger for his craft. My condolences to the family as well for losing such a great man that worked long, cold nights to help provide for his family.