Condolences for Martha Bonnell

Philip Bonnell posted on 5/14/20

Today the Bonnell's laid to rest the body of one of our own. Martha, she was not born a Bonnell way back in Pickett county Tennesse. She was a sparkling inspiration for every one she met and she met many. Her life here was of dedication and service to others. A shining light that continues to fill others with selfworth and possibilies not conceived of before her grace. Though she has left many behind she celebrates the releasing of her soul from the bindings of this world as so do we. I'll never forget when I asked her why she didn't have kids (I was very young) she without pause said, "Well, I do. I have twenty to thirty every year and you know I just love them." And she did, through my life I have met many that still hold the dearest love for her and are grateful for the time they shared and the help and direction she gave. Like a nugget of Tennesse gold in a Delaware county stream of pebbles you enriched our community, friends and family. Congratulations!


Doug Kizer posted on 5/14/20

My all time favorite teacher. Very special and fondly remembered. Stevenson Elementary, 1971.


Jessica wingate posted on 5/13/20

Mrs. Bonnell was my first grade teacher at Grissom. She was a sweet and caring (yet firm) teacher. She was always one of my favorite teachers. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends.


Marsha Wallen posted on 5/13/20

My son after his first day in school, came home to tell me his teacher had an accident. Shocked, I said Mrs. Bonnel has been in an accident? After further questioning ...he finally realized he was referring to her accent. His teacher has an accent. Mrs Bonnel and I always had a good laugh over this story for years. She always referred to TN as God’s country. Today, I live in god’s country and Martha is really in god’s country. RIP, Martha. You were well loved by many but especially by a little boy named Josh.


Ruth Howell posted on 5/13/20

This lady was the "sweetest of the sweet." I worked with her at Grissom elementary as did my sister.


Lori Norris Grice posted on 5/12/20

I'm so sorry to hear of Mrs. Bonnell's passing and send these words of comfort to her family. She was my first grade teacher and I have always remembered her as "Miss Williams" at Stevenson Elementary School. Her grace, wit and poise provided an excellent role model for me as well as many others. I wanted to grow up and be a teacher just like her! I'm a better person because of her influence on the value of a good education. She is a very dear lady in many hearts. Peace to the Bonnell and Williams families.


Judy (Wooten) Martin-Urban posted on 5/12/20

To Richard, Alice Jean and all the rest of the family I extend my condolence. I talked with Martha a few weeks ago and we reminisced our fun days of The Chanute Girls. I admired Martha's love of God and of others and how she kept her spirit up these past few years. She is one of the people I shall hold in my heart because it is safe there and full of love. Enjoy your new home, Martha! Our group will gather again!


Amy Jo Mansfield Osborn posted on 5/12/20

I am so sorry to hear of Mrs. Bonnells passing. She was my 1st grade teacher and also had my Son. She had a lasting influence on me throughout my life. She will be missed by many. We will remember her with so much love and so much respect. My thought and prayers are with the family at this time. May God wrap his loving arms around you in comfort.


Oren Olinger posted on 5/12/20

Richard I wad saddened when I read the paper this morning. Martha was always one of those people that I looked forward to see when I saw her name on my schedule. You two were wonderful patients.


Jeff Brandon posted on 5/12/20

Richard, Kathy and I are so sorry to hear about Martha's passing. She was such a wonderful person, and I always enjoyed talking to her about the South when we attended church together. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Jeff and Kathy Brandon



Sheila & Jim Ponder posted on 5/12/20

Love this Lady ~ rest in peace!!! You are in peace and harmony in God's hands.


Lisa Eshleman posted on 5/11/20

My deepest sympathy to Richard and all the family. Martha befriended my mom at Morrison Woods when mom moved in to be near her husband. She welcomed mom and was so very kind to all of us when we visited. More recently when my sister and I were at MW during mom's last days, she loved and cared for us as though we'd known her for years. She comforted us in our grief despite her own struggles with cancer. She will be missed.


Paula Rutherford posted on 5/11/20

Know,Richard, Martha is happy and in a wonderful place. She was a remarkable woman.My prayers are with you.


Robert Stine posted on 5/11/20

My prayers and condolences to Richard and the whole family. Martha was a direct neighbor of my family for many years in Muncie. What a wonderful, caring woman. I was so pleased to re-connect with her and Richard a few years ago at a service I attended. My personal favorite memory is that they sold me their car at a very favorable price, becoming my very first one at 16 years of age. Specifically, a green 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix :) What wonderful people. Rest in peace Martha.


Jeanell Sheffield posted on 5/11/20

I have known Martha for 55 years. Richard and my brother, Dean Leach, are best friends. I became acquainted with Martha as soon as she met Richard. I have loved her for all of those 55 years. She was kind, respectful, generous, helpful and an excellent cook. She was a wonderful hostess and one of the finest Christian ladies I’ve ever known. In recent years, I have joined her church and attended several social events with her. My husband, Mike, taught in the same school with her for 22 years. He loves her as much as I do. She will be missed more than anyone can understand. Rest safely in the arms of Jesus, my dear, dear friend!