Condolences for Shirley K. Goad

Daniel Garrett posted on 5/23/20

Rest in Peace


Sandy Leaird posted on 5/22/20

I was sorry to hear of Shirley's passing. She was one of our devoted Avon Representatives. Condolences from her Avon manager, Sandy Leaird, and her Avon team leader friends.


Mary Lanning posted on 5/22/20

Sympathy to Mike Goad, Joyce and other family members. You will have many good memories of your Mother.


Bruce Munson posted on 5/22/20

I am saddened to learn of Shirley's passing. I knew her thanks to her involvement in local politics. She was unfailingly cheerful and a delight to be around. The Goad family is in my prayers.Br


Gayle Harrold posted on 5/19/20

Shirley was a neighbor and great friend to my parents, Kathleen and Merritt Harrold. My mother enjoyed helping her find customers for Avon among friends who didn't have access to sales people. Shirley was a big help to them in their final years, and she and her family showed the greatest gesture of friendship by caring for their aging dog after my father died. We send our condolences to the family and our thanks for sharing Shirley with ours.


Mary Ann Logsdon posted on 5/19/20

I grew up living next door to Shirley on 27th Street. She was such a nice lady. I remember going over to her house just to see what she was doing when I was little. Gloria was still living at home so that's been a lot of years ago. My mom, Choi Baxter, is staying at The Waters in Muncie on Chateau Drive. She was visiting my brother and fell, had a total hip replacement and then the corona virus happened so shes still in Muncie and doing well. I told her about Shirley passing away this morning and she wanted me To be sure I told her kids she was very sorry for their loss. Our deepest condolences to the entire family. She really was a super nice lady.


Judy Thomas posted on 5/19/20

Shirley was one of the sweetest women I’ve known. I had a lot of fun with her and miss her smile and laughter. The family has my deepest sympathy and they are all in my prayers.