Condolences for Luella R. New


Tammy Bow posted on 2/19/21

Losing momma is about the hardest thing to face!! Sending prayers, love and hugs!!



Connie Minton posted on 2/18/21

Missy, I didn't know your mom well but she was always friendly to me when the family was together. From what I've seen I think you got your sense of humor from her. You and your family are in our prayers. If we can do anything to help, let us know. Love you


Amber Bertram Criswell posted on 2/17/21

As a child I was always so excited when the Indiana family would come to Kentucky! Lou was always so much fun to be around. Love and prayers to you all


MELISSA KRAMER posted on 2/17/21

Mom and I were never sure how we actually came to be daughter and mother. We were often mysterious to each other (you would think being half of someone genetically would allow a shortcut to understanding, but not so in our case.) One time I was driving us on McGalliard to somewhere, and we passed an anti-abortion protest, replete with signs urging us to honk if we were 'on their side.' After a half-second of hesitation and some mental arithmetic, Mother did politely reach over and honk MY horn. Toot-toot, Mommy, I guess I'll let that one slide since I wouldn't be here without you... Some of the things she said and I did I did not understand until I was a mom myself. I remember the time I stepped on a nail and she took me to the doctor, who asked how I came to step on a nail. She sighed and declared, 'This one's my problem child,' which of course nearly mortally wounded my perfectionist heart. Now it seems to me, as a mother and a grown-up, that her comment was probably narrowly intended in a medical sense, and not the global affront I took it to be at the time. (Also as the years rolled by it became pretty clear that Christina JoAnn New Barnes Slusher Welborn is the problem child)


Jeanette Rich posted on 2/17/21

Missy my heart breaks for you and your family I will always be here for you if ever needed prayers love and hugs