Condolences for Betty Jane McCune Elson

stephan foust posted on 2/19/21

Mrs.. Elson was my English teacher at Washington High School in Washington , Indiana back in the early 1960s. She was a wonderful woman and a fine, fine teacher. My favorite memory of her is, I think, a humorous one. I tell this story often. One day, we were taking a grammar test in her class, fittingly enough. While she was handing out the mimeographed exams, one kid in the back row held up his hand and proclaimed, "I ain't got no pencil," breaking virtually every rule in the English language all at once. Mrs. Elson was so appalled, she actually gasped, brought a hand to her chest, and took a step backwards. I don't remember if the poor kid ever got a writing instrument, but I certainly still remember her reaction to his stated plight. (He became a pharmacist, by the way.) Rest in Peace, Mrs. Elson.


Melinda Duffel posted on 2/19/21

Our condolences Dave Elson and family. Hugs and prayers in this difficult time especially with COVID.



Debra Bury posted on 2/19/21

Rest in Peace