Condolences for George Allen Mundrake

Suzanne Perry posted on 5/12/21

I am so sorry to hear of Georgie's death; he was a good friend to me in Junior and Senior high school. Everyone thought him warm and kind and hilarious. He had a unique slant on experience that added very special quality to sometimes very dry material. I remember in world history we each had to present reports, country by country as we trudged through the syllabus in a class run by one very clever teacher, Miss August. She loved his, as did we all. I can still laugh at Georgie's parade of "Houses of...", country by country, century by century. I missed him at our reunions and treasure my memories of him.


Charles M. Ray posted on 5/11/21

I'm so sorry to learn of George's passing. A friend and colleague, he was my office neighbor during my years on the faculty at BSU.


Robert and Barbara Underwood posted on 5/6/21

We are very sorry to hear about George’s death. He was a good friend and colleague and he will be missed.


Betty Brown posted on 5/5/21

George was a kind, caring, generous person--and a dear friend to many. If anyone needed assistance, he was prompt to do what he could. In his teaching he demonstrated a real interest in helping his students to succeed. His care of his elderly family members demonstrated his loyalty and love for them. He went "above and beyond" to help. He will be greatly missed, but we know that he is out of the terrible physical pain that he suffered with his back. God bless him.


Dr. Marilyn Chalupa posted on 5/4/21

I worked with George in the dept. at Ball State for most of those same years. George was good with jokes and often you realized after telling his story that it was a joke. He contributed much professionally to the dept. and college.